Little Farmers Cay…..”server” me up a bed-n-breakfast please

Well we finally got out of Black Point and pressed south with the intention of going to Georgetown.  Waggie at Scorpio’s helped us out with some gasoline.  Don’t know where he got it, don’t care.  3 Gallons and some 2-cycle oil and or dinghy problems were over!!  We wanted to linger a bit going south but a great weather window would open up on Thursday for southbound in the Atlantic so Farmers would be our stop until we went “outside”.  We got to Farmers about lunch town.

The approach from the north is too shallow for our draft so we had to around the south side and run up the channel….here’s the water and sites you see when you turn to the north!  It was like a massive swimming pool.  The blue was unreal.

We elected to take a mooring ball at Farmers Cay Yacht Club as the front would pass through during or second night and wind changes in the middle of the night are a nightmare.  Also there was a little turtle that was eating near our boat, we saw him for two days.  He’d come up and take three breaths each time then back down.

Prospect Point House is for rent! Check listing on Airbnb!

In the yacht club there were two ladies plaiting and cooking as needed.  They were very nice and told us about the craft fair and BBQ on Thursday but alas we would be in the ocean that day.  After our chat we walked into town to check it out….

First thing we saw was “Brenda’s Kitchen”, Brenda if you are reading this here’s a fallback plan for the future if you want out of Va Beach.  We chatted with the current owner, she was resting outside and told us if we found anything we needed inside to let her know and she’d ring us up.  The store was the standard Bahamian grocery and we really didn’t need anything.  What was odd was that there was a bed on one of the shelves.  Maybe Brenda sleeps there too?

Behind Brenda’s there were folks playing domino’s; the woman there warned everyone she was “making a charge” and dominos were SMACKING down on that table!  Here’s a photo of the Ocean Club run by Terry and his wife Ernestine.

He was quite the character but sadly he had no ice cream for me.  We did sign his guest book and amazingly the book was signed on the same page by Kevin Sheehan, the DJ from DC’s ESPN Radio 980AM that I listened to everyday driving home from work, he was just there last week.

We continued our tour (sans Ice Cream) and saw the post office.

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Jeff ToddLittle Farmers Cay…..”server” me up a bed-n-breakfast please