Little Farmers Cay – On the Hook

Little Farmers Cay is located in the Central Exumas between Great Guana Cay (with the settlement of Black Point) and Cave Cay.

Our first visit to Little Farmers was in May, 2013.  Our friends were staying in their sailboat at the Farmers Cay Yacht Club.  We were travelling south to George Town, on Great Exuma Island, and had stopped at Cave Cay.  We went by dinghy back north to Little Farmers to join them for lunch at the yacht club.  Farmers Cay Yacht Club is located at Lat / Lon: N 23° 57.860′ / W 076° 19.390′.  They monitor VHF channel 16.

You can reach them by phone at (242) 355-4017 or by email at

Information on the internet says that they have 4 transient slips.  Below is a picture of their dock.


We met Mr. Roosevelt Nixon, the owner of the Little Farmer’s Yacht Club Restaurant and Bar.  Little Farmer’s Cay was settled by a woman named Chrissana, a freed slave from Great Exuma.  She moved to Farmers Cay with her two sons and a daughter, Michael Joseph Nixon and Adam and Eve Brown, who bought the island from the English Crown and willed it to their descendants as generation property.  Roosevelt said that he was one of the descendants.



The picture to the right  was taken from the land side and doesn’t do this charming club justice.  On the water side, there is a picnic table on the sand with a tiki roof over it.  When you enter the club, you first go onto a covered porch.  At that same level, there is a lovely dining room which could seat around 40 people as well as a hand-carved wooden bar in the corner and a small area where a band could set up and play.  Up two steps was a game room with a pool table, some seating and another bar.


Behind this bar was the opening to the kitchen.   In the dining room, there was a picture of Roosevelt and his wife of more than 50 years, Shirley.  Roosevelt told us that his wife usually did the cooking, but she was on Eleuthera attending a funeral.  So for this weekend, he was the chief, cook, and bottle washer and he did a good job cooking lunch for the four of us.

After lunch, he closed up the club and loaded us into his pickup truck and took us on a tour of the island.  He took us by the school and clinic and told us about a resident wood carver (J. R. – Phone 355-4023).

One of our stops was at the government dock where we talked to several fisherman and enjoyed watching children swimming in the shallows.  Since this picture was taken, they have made some improvements to this dock.

The original settlers on Little Farmers farmed and fished.  Michael married Susan from Cat Island while Adam wed Mary from Moss Town, Exuma.  Most of the current residents are descended from those hardy ancestors, Michael’s thirteen children and Adam’s five.  Other family names came into Little Farmers through Marriage:  Moxey, Smith, Ferguson, Maycock, Rolle, Deal, Ellis, Bain, and others, with many excellent captains and sailors among them.

The weather kept us at Cave longer than we had planned, so we decided to make another trip to Little Farmers several days later.  This time, we tied up at the government dock and walked over to Brenda’s Take Away and ordered some lunch.  She suggested we walk around while she cooked it.  We went into her store looking for bread, but there wasn’t any.  Next we saw Ali’s Tiki Bar, so we went in and got his last two cold Kaliks.

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Jeff ToddLittle Farmers Cay – On the Hook