Center stage: Experience the affordable private island life

Ty’s Sunset Bar & Grill has a lot going for it.

Sure, we have delicious Bahamian food, friendly employees and all the comforts of a modern restaurant. While all three of these comforts tick the boxes, they pale in comparison to what really matters: location, location, location.

Ty’s takes center stage in more ways than one.

After touching down via plane or helicopter, along our 2,800 foot airstrip, patrons quite literally step off the aircraft and through the front door of the restaurant. It’s that close. Take a stroll through the restaurant, and out the back door, and you’re melting onto a pristine, private beach, with the best water in the world.

We’re not kidding: Exuma was recently ranked #1 for the clearest, bluest water on the planet:

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Little Farmer’s Cay is your very own a private island escape. You won’t have a conga line of people and planes coming in after you, disturbing your personal paradise. It’s the perfect balance of exclusivity and excitement: your affordable, private island experience in the Exuma cays.

Speaking of the Exuma cays, Little Farmer’s Cay is located near the very center of the archipelago’s 365 island chain, just around the corner from Musha Cay (David Copperfield’s ultra-exclusive private island and resort).

Can’t stay at Musha? That’s OK.

We guarantee, after a day at Ty’s Sunser Bar & Grill on little Farmer’s Cay, you’ll feel like you’re center of the universe.




tys_adminCenter stage: Experience the affordable private island life