Water: The Soul of Exuma

Scientists say the human body is made up of about 65% water. Well, in Exuma, we would have to say it’s 100%.

There is no doubt about it: when you are in Exuma, is it a crime to not experience our famously clear water, swirling with so many shades of blue it’ll make your head spin. OK, OK, we know. Just about every holiday destination boasts amazing water. So it is a real luxury when Exuma can say it has the best, and really mean it.

Exuma is considerably aided by its amazing 365 islands, more than half of those found in the entire Bahamas, which creates varying water depths, extensive coral reefs and an idyllic climate for radiant colors. Exuma is also undiscovered and unspoiled when compared to other more well-trodden destinations.

And then we have Little Farmer’s Cay, an island right in the center of this chain, and the home of Ty’s Sunset Bar & Grill.

Odds are, when you are staying on the island, you’ll likely spend an awful lot of time in the clearest and bluest water you’ve ever seen. Some of our guests like to take a chair out into the shallow water and just sit there with a drink, maybe a book, and feel the waves rock around them. Or take a kayak out and start exploring. Nearby, you’ll find the famous Question Mark Sandbar, a sandy path that emerges for only a few hours each day, right in the middle of the ocean. It is the closest sensation you’ll ever have to walking on water. Close your eyes for a moment, open them, and you’ll swear you’ve been dropped in heaven.

For an entirely different experience, visit the world famous swimming pigs. There are two colonies in Exuma, and one is fairly nearby. Just ask your tour guide, although given the popularity of the swimming pigs, odds are your guide has it penciled into your agenda. Quite possibility the luckiest animals in the world, these swimming pigs know a good thing when they see one. Splash, roll and relax in our waters. Don’t be shy.

Because without the water, there is no Exuma.

tys_adminWater: The Soul of Exuma